BrowsersThe  world wide web allows you to reach millions of people for pennies on the dollar. Let us put our expertise to work by determining the best way to get your business or organization online today. Whether it is a simple website or a more complex one we are here to help.

We will help you register your website domain name and determine the best way to host your site. If all you want is a simple webpage then Google Sites will work and its free. We have experience creating websites using Google Sites, WordPress among others. If you need customized graphics and logos we can create them for you. We are able to photograph products and your business along with providing aerial photography and videos. 

We have over 15 years of experience designing  and streamlining websites. Below are some examples of websites created using Google Sites and WordPress. Click here to see a sample of websites created in Google and WordPress. Please call 802.487.0278 or fill out our contact form today and let Monette's Computer Solutions help get your business online today.